Acoustic Positioning Telemetry

From preprocessing to positioning

This website is intended to give an overview on available open-source code for acoustic positioning telemetry. Users and contributors aim to improve science by working together and sharing code. If you have code to contribute, please pull request on the GitHub repo to link to your code, or request to become a collaborator in the organisation. If you encounter problems with certain code, please open an issue. Also other ideas, feedback, suggestions, bugs, … may be reported there!

The different acoustic telemetry systems available all come with specific issues and challenges related to converting the raw data in a usable format for performing positioning algorithms. Therefore, we try to provide some needed procedures and advice for each system. Once the data are preprocessed and timesynchronised, the data preparation and actual positioning is (hopefully) generic.

For the latest progress in the open source positioning system YAPS, please check out the YAPS page!


Data preparation